My images show scenes and details in nature, examinations of manufactured objects, snaps of colorful textures, and observations of architecture or machines. These function as “found objects,”  each offering its own sensory characteristics and psychic resonance. Intriguing and divergent, in a composited work they offer the experience of movement, passing thoughts and the power of emotion.

Abutting forms and textures mimic momentary sensation from multiple directions, while also summoning psychic experience. Contrasts such as bright and dark, serene and harsh, smooth and gritty, all reflect aspects of mind and life. Recognized or intuited subject matter offers further mental reference. Peeling tree bark resonates as layers of feeling, revealing what’s beneath. Pebbly pavement is a collection of smoothly rounded varicolored bits, fixed in relation to one another like cemented elements of social structure. Ladders float upside down to reach nowhere, fences capture only textured space, windows overlap amoeba-like bubbles, irises show up in frying pans. Ambiguous context and contradictions in spatial representation reflect both theoretical physics and mystical spirituality, as well as a sense of contemporary culture that is at times truly jarring.
All these aspects challenge and open the imagery to subjectivity and interpretation by each viewer, though the disparities always imply relationships and interactions. Bringing image parts into a coherent whole can be real life wayfinding, for the artist and for viewers of the finished pieces. Literal phenomena captured by a camera thus transcend the physical, become a call to inner experience and discovery.