Charity Contributions

As a person who has watched certain past and recent events with horror and empathy, I know it is part of my calling to help improve matters. This is one part of the inspiration for my artwork. Integrating the beauty of natural forms with the excitement and frequent challenge of human society, while using abstract imagery to evoke reflection on the state of our world, is something I find important. If viewing my work can in any way help someone else to be more contemplative or emotionally aware, I will have done something important.

Another way any of us can have a positive impact is through charitable contributions. At the current time 12% of gross sales on this website is donated to organizations involved in changing the world for the better. These vary at my whim, to be honest, but most frequently are nature conservation projects, organizations promoting world peace, and researchers exploring ways to alleviate PTSD without pharmaceuticals (yes, there's some personal experience attached to that one). I hope to be able to increase this percentage over time: 50% of gross sales donated to charity is an idealistic goal.